Computer Lab Information

The MPBC Computer Lab is currently being used by the church administrative members (and will so vacate the lab with in the next 2 months)!

We can help in many areas of school and College assignments, and we will soon have training sessions:

  • Basic Computer Training
  • Microsoft Suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • How to create a Book-report for High School and College
  • Typing
  • Create a Resume
  • Math, and higher
  • Specialized Issues that you may have…

Training will be every Monday evening …lease Contact Bro. Pete Wallace, or Dea. Ron Jones – 501-982-6215. Email us @

Even if you want to learn how to type, we can help. Need help constructing a work resume for a Job Interview? We can help there too.

Click: See our Calendar for 2020 (within our Vision for the House Booklet).