MPBC W.E. Studies

Hope Changes Everything

It can disarm guilt, shatter shame, and put your past in its place. All you have to do is make the choice to let it in. It won’t be easy. It won’t be quick. But it is possible and we serve a God who promises over and over again that anything is possible.

Pete Wilson, pastor and founding senior pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville TN and the author of Plan B presents a new look at the power of healing through hope, revealing 4 unique choices that have the potential to change your life forever.

These 4 unique choices are:

  • Do we choose to let negative events and feelings from our past continue to impact our present, or do we transform them?
  • Do we accept our brokenness, or do we reject our weakness and flaws, attempting to hide or ignore them?
  • Do we choose to trust God with our lives on a spiritual and internal level, or do we choose to please him externally, presenting ourselves as “well” publically while wasting away spiritually?
  • Do we choose to use our freedom as Christians to lead others to freedom, or do we choose to allow the hurt inflicted on us continue to hurt those we interact with?

Our study for the next 6 weeks will be “Let Hope In”. The topic of each session will be 1) Hope Needed 2) Hope Found 3) Hope Personified 4) Hope Expressed 5) Hope Renewed and 6) Hope Shared.

We will meet at the TJ Johnson Center for this study each Wednesday promptly at 6 pm. If you would prefer a copy of the book itself they are available at Life Way bookstore. You can also download the book to your smartphone, IPad, PC, etc.

Through prayer and commitment, we hope this study will continue to transform us into what God is calling us to be. After the completion of this study we will continue with 3 more 6 week studies.

These studies are:

Study 2: Resliiant Faith by Mary Jo Sharp

Study 3: Overcome – Living Beyond Your Circumstances by Alex Himaya

Study 4: Do Over – Experience New Life in Christ by Ben Mandrell

These studies will take us through this year and the beginning of next year. Please invite others to come out and join us for these studies. Pastor Collier is leading us through the bible study “I Am A church Member” and these studies partner with that study as well as the Vision God has given our Pastor for this church and each member.

If you all would like to sometimes take the study offsite or move it to another date that would be something we could consider. It takes all of us so please join in and participate in these studies through verbal participation, prayer, and suggestions that would improve the work and intentions of this ministry.


“A God who specializes in rebuilding, restoring, and reviving broken land and broken lives” is our church motto. Let it begin with you.