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Meet Us at The Mount!
It’s important for our members to:
Understand, Believe, and Receive – The Promises of God! 
Meet Us at the Mount!

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Bases on the wishes of the members of Mount Pisgah…the selection of a new Pastor is forth coming! To inform our members of what a healthy transition looks like, consider these points: 

Effective ministries of the church continue.

The church is informed and united.

Attendance and giving are maintained.

The church has confidence God has led and is leading.

Loyalty transfers to the Pastor is complete. 

The Guidelines for the Pastoral Transition will be forth coming!


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667-770-1557 (Access #:389511).
Sunday: 7 PM.
Monday-Wednesday- 7 AM and 7 PM.
Thursday 7AM only!
Stay Bless, and Please Pray for one another!
Send your prayer request to: info@mountpisgahjville.com

The Curtis A. Green Community Life Center!

Our Life Center is now available for leasing for April – August 2023! 

Click here to visit the Life Center Web Page for more Information, and to download the rental documents!

Please Call/Email the church for information about leasing the Curtis A. Green Community Life Center: 501-982-6215, or by Email: info@mtpisgahjville.com.

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