The MPBC Leadership

The MPBC Leadership

We believe Jesus Christ alone is the Head of the Church and as head has ordained that individual churches should be blessed with the spiritual rule and ministry of office bearers. Therefore, we believe it is our duty to seek to discover those to whom Christ has imparted the necessary gifts for service.

Our Governance Structure:

The Congregation determines the spiritual tone, strength and direction of our church through fasting and prayer.

The Deacon’s Ministry serves the members of the church spiritually, setting policy in the management, and look after both the church’s corporate and financial affairs.

The Senior Pastor serves the church by providing vision, oversight and management of the church through wise counsel and the faithful teaching of the Word of God.

In addition to those who govern, we are grateful for other leaders within our church who regularly share their gifts in service.




 Chairman of Deacon’s Ministry:  Cory Coleman

Chairman of Trustee Ministry:  Virginia Cox

Church Administrative Assistant:  Shirley James

Discipleship Pastor:  Gary Noble

Director of Sunday School:  Steven Eskridge

New Members Orientation:  Reverend Marchel Turner

Director of Evangelism:  TBA

Youth Pastor: TBA

Director of Youth & Children’s Ministry: Sister Trakeya Bone

Administrative Assistant to the Director:  Sister Denise Wright

Minister of Music Ministry:  Brother Sam Wesley

Assistant to the Minister of Music:  Brother Scott Coleman

Directors of Media/Sound Ministry: Deacon Cory Coleman, Christopher Davis, Deacon Greg Lewis and Anthony Luckadue


Safety & Security Ministry: Clarence Horton

King David’s Men Ministry: Deacon Cordell Casey

Women’s Enrichment Ministry:  TBA

Adult Usher’s Ministry: Deacon Curtis Caesar

Youth and Young Adult Usher’s Ministry:  TBA

Children’s Usher’s Ministry:  TBA

Without Words Dance Ministry:   TBA

Shepherd’s Ministry:  Sister Ester Terri

Welcome/Greeters Ministry:  Sister Shirley James

Student Achievement Ministry: TBD

Transportation Ministry:  Brother Manuel “Pete” Wallace / Brother Rhakeem James / Deacon Steven Eskridge

Bereavement Care Ministry:  Merlene McGhee (Others)

My Brother’s Keeper Ministry (Sick): All Deacons and associate Ministers

Senior Adult (Golden Saints) Ministry:  Sister Penny Fogle

We Care Military Ministry:  Sister Laphayne Carniege (Temp Leave Status)

Information Systems Ministry:  Deacon Ronald Jones, Deacon Greg Lewis, Brother Pete Wallace


Reverend Andrew Cooney

Reverend Marcel Turner


Deacon Joseph Bolden

Deacon Curtis Caesar

Deacon Cordell Casey

Deacon Cory Coleman ~ Ministry Leader

Deacon Steve Eskridge

Deacon William Fauntleroy

Deacon Joe W. Green, Jr.

Deacon Clarence Horton

Deacon Ronald Jones

Deacon Greg Lewis

Deacon Anthony Luckadue

Deacon Lessie Maxwell

Deacon Lester Piggee

Deacon James Tyson


Sister Virginia Cox ~ Ministry Leader

Sister Lonetta Hemingway

Sister Alexandria Lambert

Deacon Lester Piggee

NOTE: Ministries will be added on a needed basis. There will be monthly meetings with administrative and servant leaders (see calendar). This meeting will be held the last Monday before the first Sunday of each month unless changed by the Pastor Collier! Each ministry leader must have a report of ministry progress, plans or concerns at each meeting.