Music Ministry

Music Ministry

The Mount Pisgah Baptist  Church Music Ministry!

Brother Sam Wesley, is our Minister of Music.  Bro Sam WesleyWe are very blessed to have Brother Scott Coleman, our pianist, and also plays the organ for our music ministry.  Bro ScottI
Our church Bassist is Brother Norman Wakefield. Brother Wakefield is a professional bass player who has performance in both the studio for professional singers, and in live concerts across this country. Bro Norman

The Drummer is Bro. Chris Davis. Bro. Chris is a true blessing to the Mount.  He is multi-talented – and we’re happy he’s at our church. He sings with the best of them. Brother Chris also manages our sound system for the church.

Our worship services on Sunday mornings begins at 10:30 am, and reflects the Gospel of a loving Savior! The faith of a people being shaped as a community in the image and purposes of God.  Mount Pisgah is well-known for “not being afraid to Praise the Lord.”

Our music ministry is God Directed through the prayers send forth by our music minister, and his staff. They utilize a combination of anthems, hymns, spirituals to traditional and contemporary gospel (to include praise songs and worship medleys). Our music is diverse in genre and in spirit.

The Music Ministry is comprised of the Mass Choir (Currently not singing due to Cov-19), The Praise Team, and the Youth for Christ Choir- (Not singing because of Conv-19).  We surely hope that you contact Brother Sam Wesley for more information at: