Sunday Studies for the Youth and Teenagers

Youth and Teenage Bible Study is held at the Curtis Green Life Center, every Wednesday at 7 pm

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Our Youth Ministers, and Youth Leaders mission is to introduce children to Jesus Christ at an early age. This is to transform their lives by encouraging them to develop a personal relationship with God our Father. This is accomplished through prayer and a solid foundation of biblical truths.

Music & Fine Arts


The youth at MPBC are encouraged to demonstrate their gifts through the avenue of singing, drama, artistry, etc. Our children may participate in our Music, Dance, or any other program once they are a member, or request to be a part of a pending activity.

For more information, please contact our Youth Director.

Requirements for Children’s Ministry Volunteers

Must be an active member of Mount Pisgah • Meet all requirements necessary to service children • Be faithful and live a separate Christian life.

Our next program and events for February 2024:

-Without Words Praise Dancer will have practice on Saturday, February 3rd at 11 am, in preparation for the upcoming Black History Program.

-Black History Program will be held on Feb 18th during the 10:30am Worship Service. The youth department will be preforming a play.

-Youth Ministry will be headed to Memphis, TN to tour the National Civil Rights Museum on February 24th.  The bus will be departing from the life center at 5:45am and returning by 5:30pm.  Admission: $15 for kids 5 to17 and $18 for adults.  There will be a sign-up sheet in the fellowship hall and all monies are due by Feb 18th.

For more details about how to become a MPBC Youth Volunteer, please call 501-982-6215, or email:

MPBC Youth Staff
  • Youth Minister -Reverend Marshal Turner
  • Asst. Youth Minister -TBA
  • Youth Director: Sister Tya Bone
  • Youth Leaders- All Parents and Members who are interested in helping our youth grow in Christ.

Location: Curtis A. Green Community Life Center: On the Campus of Mount Pisgah BC!