Sunday Service

Mount Pisgah Baptist Church services are designed to help you and your family go to higher heights spiritually.  We are a body of believers who know that no single one of us is complete without the gift of salvation from the One that makes us whole.

We strive together to be more like the Savior, Jesus Christ, and to light the way for others to come to know Him. Our passion is to reach a lost and hurting world for Christ and to bring healing to the wounded hearts of those in our community. We want to reach out to you, right at the point of whatever you’re going through. 


Reverend Wendell G. Parker


NOTE: Program subject to change, under the direction of the Holy Spirit!

The Call to Worship

The Musical Selection

The Altar Prayer

The Musical Selections


The Invitation to Receive Christ and Church Membership

The Recognition of Visitors

Announcements/Pastoral Observations

Giving God’s Tithe and Our Offerings: Read with us the Statement of Giving of your Tithe(s).

The Benediction

So, come, and “Meet Us at The Mount!”

Our service at Mount Pisgah Baptist Church is like no other! 

To view our Live Stream Service/and or Video of previous services, please click here!

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Below are answers to your FAQ’s…

  • What time does service start? 10:30 A. M.
  • What is the worship service like? We tell our visitors, “We are not ashamed to praise the Lord.” The Word is brought forth by the Pastor. Our service is mostly traditional, however; if the spirit moves us away from the printed program, we don’t mind following the Holy Spirit.
  • What do I wear? It’s your choice of what to wear as long as it is decent and in order. A suit may be your choice or jeans. We do not judge you based on what you wear; we just want you to come and worship with other believers.
  • Can I meet the Pastor? Yes, you may meet the Pastor. You can meet him after the service has ended, and/or you may make an appointment if the matter is personal.
  • Where do I park? There are multiple parking areas located at the entrance to Mount Pisgah…or across the street at our Community Life Center where there are over 250 parking spots, The parking is free.
  • What else happens on Sunday? At times, we are invited to other churches for an afternoon service, or we may feed the flock after the morning service. So, the key is to check out the calendar daily.
  • Where do I go? Our front door is minutes from any parking location around the church. There are three (3) Entry points.

In Children’s Church on Sunday mornings: 

  • Where do my children go? Our Children’s Church is located across the street in the Community Life Center! Please have the children there at 10:20 AM.
  • What is the Children’s Church Worship service like?
  • Our Youth Ministers are geared towards sharing the Word of God, where the children truly understand in the end. The environment is quite and controlled to a point where learning is a must. After the word is brought, our Youth Leaders take over, and other activities are scheduled, such as watching Christian videos, arts and crafts. Puzzles are played, computer assigned are given, and snacks are served. Your children will be blessed at the Mount Pisgah Baptist Church ~ Children Church.
  • Can I bring a snack or cake for my child’s birthday? We request you contact the Youth Leadership Team for more information.

So, do your child a favor, and drop your child off at the Community Life Center at 10:20 am. They’ll be blessed even More!

What happens on other days?

On the other side of Sunday, we offer a myriad of classes, activities and events. Our activities and worship opportunities are available to you every week. IMPACT Thursday experience, which is our bible study that starts at 7:00 pm. Also included are the computer lab sessions (for those who have school assignments – and is open to the community). The lab is open from 5-6 pm – Thursdays! Please contact Deacon Jones or Deacon Lewis!