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IMPACT Thursday

IMPACT Thursday


We are not in live study at the church! We will return soon!

On the other side of Sunday, we offer our IMPACT Thursday. It’s your time to get involved with our Bible Study. We have Small Group Study, and Mid Size Studies  for the members to attend.  Please read the “Note from the Pastor’s Desk.” 

The IMPACT Bible Study Lessons

View the Studies on live-stream from our Bible Study Web Site: www.momentsfromthemount.com.

MPBC IMPACT Bible Study Fall Lessons:

1st lesson of 2021 – How to Understand God Better in 2021.”

2nd lesson of 2021 – “How to Understand God Better in 2021.” Sub-Subject: God’s Justice. God’s Grace/Mercy!

The MPBC Moments From The Mount Web Site (www.momentsfromthemount.com)

Our IMPACT Bible Study Live stream and Videos of past lesson are found here! Click Here! 

Your Tithes and Offering can be giving by clicking the photo!

Pastor Craig B. Collier, Pastor Gary Noble, are the Facilitators!

Be mindful of the Bible Study for our Youth. IMPACTIt takes place over in the Community Life Center.

During our IMPACT Thursday Evening Experience , there’s a myriad of classes, activities and events going-on.  Through the year, we have plays, such as the Black History Play, Easter Service Play, Back-to-School Play, The Fall Festival  and our Annual Christmas Play.