The Deacons

Welcome to the MPBC Deacons’ Page

The 144th Church Anniversary also saw a group of Servants become Deacons of The Mount. Pictured from (left to right): Deacon Cordell Casey, Deacon Allen Cook (dec’d), Deacon Greg Lewis, & Deacon Steve Eskridge. Mount Pisgah Baptist Church is Blessed the more for these Men of God.

Look out and see…those who are worthy, to be ordained…. 

The Deacon’s Ministry is under the direct leadership of the Pastor, and his Chairman of the Deacon’s Ministry.  Our Deacons are serving in the distinct Spirit of Christ and motivated to meet the ever-growing needs of the church and its attendant ministries.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the most accountable, effectual and valued Ministry at Mount Pisgah Baptist Church. This is to take ownership in every area of the church to support “this church” Mission: “To serve God, and to recognize that we must Trust the Process!”  For we know we have a God who “Specializes in Rebuilding, Restoring, and Reviving Broken Lands and Broken Lives.” 


As a Deacon of the Mount Pisgah, we are committed to the following core values:


  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Must be totally Committed and Loyal to the Pastor and the Deacon’s Ministry!
  • Influence young and old by the power of God’s vision for His church, and model after Christ’s own heart.
  • Committed to my assignments by my participation – attending regularly establish church services.
  • Encourage personal growth to develop one to be empowering from within.
  • Focusing on our strength to bring a lost soul to Christ, no matter what their ethical background maybe
  • Develop a Spirit of teamwork.
  • Parting a legacy to those who will come after us (future deacons).
  • Function the ministry proficiently and professionally.
  • Supporting the pastor initiatives, both physically and financially.


1. Held to high standards; being accountable; (for our every word and action). 2. In everything we do, be a role model in the way we serve. 3. In every person we come in contact with, treating them with dignity and respect.  4. Support Mount Pisgah and its ministries to achieve their potential.


1.  Be not afraid to receive teaching; provide the best servant (member) leadership. 2. Increase communication and information from one to another. 3. Be a competent, responsible group of Deacons, being a strong team. 4.    Always improving MPBC ministries whenever possible, and by improving ourselves through the Word of God.

Note: Ordained Deacons It was over 2000 years ago, the Holy Spirit spoke a word to His Holy Apostles and told them how to order, organize, and ordain the Early Church. The Word that the Holy Spirit spoke in the 3rd Chapter of the Book of Acts was the word – Deacon.

For indeed one of the offices that were instituted by the Holy Spirit and revered within the Early church was the Office of the Deacon. Ordained Deacon serves in communion service, baptismal service, weddings, funerals and ordination services. All Deacons serves in sensitive areas within the church.

Our Deacons in Training

Deacons in training are Deaconate candidates who are trained and tested to fulfill the functions of a Deacon within the church.


  • Offer the Lord’s Supper to the Sick & Shut-In
  • Annual Church Picnic
  • Deacons’ and wife’s breakfast
  • Deacons’ Retreat
  • Annual Mother’s Day Car Wash
  • Annual SWAG Back to School Bash
  • Annual MPBC Thanksgiving Dinner for the Masses
  • Annual MPBC Christmas Musical-Play
  • Assist Members when needed
  • Serve the Widows, and the Sick and Shut-in

When We Meet

  • Deacons’ quarterly meeting – 1st new Sat – in the Quarter
  • Deacons’ Prayer Service- every 1st Sunday, 8:15 am

Our Deacons (13)

Deacon Joseph Bolden

Deacon Curtis Caesar

Deacon Cory Coleman ~ Ministry Leader

Deacon Steve Eskridge

Deacon Joe W. Green, Jr.

Deacon Clarence Horton

Deacon Ronald Jones

Deacon Greg Lewis

Deacon Anthony Luckadue

Deacon Lessie Maxwell

Deacon Lester Piggee

Deacon James Tyson