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The IMPACT Bible Study


In this series, we have focused on things explicitly stated as God’s will for you…

  1. Rejoice always – 1Th 5:16
  2. Pray without ceasing – 1Th 5:17
  3. Give thanks in everything – 1Th 5:18
  4. Your sanctification – 1Th 4:3-8
  5. Do good – 1Pe 2:11-15
  1. In the next four lessons, I would like for us to consider…
    1. How else we can discern the will of God
    2. Motivation for doing the will of God
    3. Making God’s will priority one
    4. Seeking God’s providential will

[In regards to discerning the will of God, let’s turn to Ro 12:2, where we read how you can prove (discern, ESV) what is that good, acceptable, and perfect will of God. First, we are told…]

      1. To conform to another’s pattern
      2. E.g., the desire to be like someone else
      3. A conformist is often afraid to be different, who feels a need to be like everyone else
      1. Doing what others do, imitating how others talk, wearing what others wear
      2. Occurs most often during adolescence, but frequently in adults
      3. Complicated by advertisers marketing their products, encouraging conformity
      1. The majority is rarely right
        1. Most are on the path to destruction – Mt 7:13
        2. The way to life is straight and narrow, which few follow – Mt 7:14
      2. Conformity easily leads to doing things you know are wrong – cf. 1Co 15:33
        1. Friends in a car for a joyride, and one begins popping pills
        2. Men and women at business functions, where alcohol is consumed
      3. Conformity to things of this world will separate you from God! – cf. 1Jn 2:15-17
        1. By giving way to the lust of the flesh (immorality)
        2. By succumbing to the lust of the eyes (materialism)
        3. By yielding to the pride of life (arrogance)

[You will never discern God’s will trying to be like those in the world. That is very much the opposite of God’s will for you! You will be able to discern God’s will for you if you will…]

      1. The Greek word is metamorphoo
        1. “to change into another form” – Vine
        2. From which comes the word metamorphosis
        3. A change of form, as when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly
      2. In the NT, this word is used to describe:
        1. What happened to Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration – Mt 17:1-2
        2. What is to happen to Christians in their service to God – Ro 12:1-2
      1. Christians are to “undergo a complete change, which under the power of God, will find expression in character and conduct” – Vine
      2. We are to become like Christ
        1. The purpose of discipleship and our salvation – Lk 6:40Ro 8:29
        2. The goal of Christian living – Col 3:9-10
        3. Slowly, but surely, we are transformed to be like Christ – cf. 2Co 3:18
      3. Note that Paul uses the passive voice in our text – Ro 12:2
        1. Indicating that transformation is something we allow to be done to us
        2. Not something we do by our own power alone
        3. We submit to God’s power, and by His grace we are “changed into another form” and become a “new creation” – 2Co 5:17
      1. Begins with being in Christ (2Co 5:17), which requires baptism
        1. Whereby we put on Christ – Ga 3:27
        2. Which is a washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit – Tit 3:5
      2. Continues by renewing our minds – Ro 12:2cf. Ep 4:20-24
        1. Setting our minds on things above – Col 3:1-2
        2. Setting our minds on the things of the Spirit – Ro 8:5
      3. With our minds “renewed” we can experience a true transformation!
        1. Putting off the old man and putting on the new man – Col 3:2,5-10
        2. Living according to the Spirit – cf. Ro 8:5,13
      4. The process of transformation is really quite simple – cf. Ac 2:42
        1. Studying and contemplating God and His Word
        2. Keeping in regular communication with God via prayer
        3. Involving your mind in spiritual worship via frequent assembling with others


  1. Discerning God’s will for you does not come through conformity to the world…
    1. Letting the world determine your standard of dress, speech and conduct
    2. Letting worldly people influence you with their evil behavior – cf. 1Co 15:33
  2. Discerning God’s will for you comes through a remarkable transformation
    1. With the aid of the Spirit of God in conversion and regeneration
    2. With God’s word renewing your mind so that you may discern good and evil – cf. He 5:11-14

Are you willing to let God and His Word transform your life in doing His will…?